Keypoint Intelligence posted the report of the visit on GPC (Gifu Print Center) plant


Mr. David Sweetnam of Keypoint Intelligence, Inc. was invited to visit GPC (Gifu Print Center),
The report has been posted on the company’s website.

In the report, Mr. Sweetnam explained about the order processing system through the website, the highly efficient production line using Brother’s largest DTG printing automation system “Digital Line,” and the DTF automation system “Collaborative Robot Arm x Rotation System.
Also, Brother’s automation system for DTF, “Cooperative Robot Arm and Rotary Press System,” was highly evaluated.

The story is already impressive—but is only half-told, as there are many areas of opportunity to further improve efficiency and fuel automation across all areas of IMAGEMAGIC’s operation. I, for one, look forward to making a repeat visit to this innovative location to see how fast the other changes get conceptualized, designed, perfected, and implemented.
David Sweetnam.“IMAGEMAGIC: Digital Garment Production Goes Industrial”. Keypoint Intelligence.Dec 19, 2023

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