Founded in Japan in 1995, Image Magic initially specialized in the sale of graphic printing equipment and order fulfillment. 1997 saw the launch of Japan’s first Internet printing service, with the dual goals of market expansion and technological advancement. The huge success of this innovative ordering format led to further growth for the company, and in 2010 it launched an online design service 「originalprint.jp」, which has evolved into one of the leading on-demand printing services in Japan.

In response to the surge in orders, IMAGEMAGIC strategically expanded its business alliances to also offer sales services for printers and peripherals. As a result, the company launched its own brand of high-definition DTF printers, Trans Jet, equipped with specially formulated inks. And now, IMAGEMAGIC has established itself as a comprehensive provider of graphic printing products and cutting-edge printing solutions in Japan. Whether you are a newcomer or looking to optimize your production, our expertise covers all aspects from ordering to production and delivery. We offer ideal solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

Our Mission

Individuality and Creativity
Contributing to the creation of a prosperous society full of individuality and creativity

We want to realize a society in which the individuality and creativity of each person is respected and everyone can live their own life.
To this end, we will contribute to the creation of an affluent society by creating excitement and joy for people through technology-enhanced manufacturing.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We have four visions to realize a sustainable manufacturing society where everyone can enjoy manufacturing and to provide reliable services on a global scale.

Making your manufacturing easier and more convenient

Making your manufacturing easier and more convenient

We realize that customers can make things easily and conveniently, and have them delivered to them when they want them at an affordable price.

On-demand through DXing Expanding the production market

On-demand through DXing Expanding the production market

It supports DXing of factory manufacturing and contributes to the expansion of the on-demand production market.

Spreading On-Demand Production for a sustainable society

Spreading On-Demand Production for a sustainable society

We will fulfill our “responsibility to create” by expanding the number of items that can be produced on demand and reducing the amount of wasteful inventory in the world.

Trusted Service Provide reliable services globally

Trusted Service Provide reliable services globally

We will mash up the best solutions from around the world to provide trusted services globally.

Company Overview

Company Name



May 23rd, 1995

Business Activities

On-demand printing service

Planning and operation of in-house service sites

Web service integration and EC service integration

Hardware sales

App development

Board Members

President:Makoto Yamakawa

Board Member:Satoshi Kyoda

Board Member:Yutaka Bono

Board Member:Toshiyuki Kurihara (Certified Public Accountant)

IR: Stock Information

Security Code:7793

Stock Listing:Tokyo Stock Exchange

Number of Shares per Unit:100

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